Tonk Group, L.L.C. is a license-holding company, game developer &  Distributor with  exclusive rights to online raffle, fantasy, esports, pari-mutuel, simulcast and other uniquely positioned products for emerging  gaming opportunities.


Executive Summary

The founders of Tonk have been driving technological innovation with nonprofits since 2001.   From live-streaming to the front-lines of Iraq, the first online election debates, no-cost non-profit Web networks for charities to building Bingos and other ground-breaking nonprofit programs, Tonk members leverage over 80 cumulative years of technological integration, charitable gaming and nonprofit development experience.

Tonk Group’s mission is to mobilize charitable fundraisers that offer a better return to nonprofits.

In 2016, Tonk came into being as a vehicle to fund an effective New Hampshire veterans service program and other charitable community initiatives.  It has since built a portfolio of state-of-the-art multimedia hardware & software packages which include E-Sports gaming & lodging, sportsbook rooms, casino & online games, live online poker, private social networks, loyalty, customer management systems,  and exclusive U.S. rights to the most advanced automated online raffle  in the world.

Tonk Group formed a New Hampshire partnership in 2016 and served as a distributor for the NH Lucky 7 market, licensed with the New Hampshire Lottery Commission-Racing and Charitable Gaming Division.   Almost immediately, Tonk discovered charity games are encumbered by overreaching gaming regulations, weak or overzealous law enforcement and unscrupulous operators.  Traditional games are dated and do not appeal to the next generation of supporters and rely upon a shrinking membership-well of support.   The need for more modern, mobile and efficient charitable gaming was made apparent.   After deploying Lucky 7 dispensers, training nonprofits and developing a Bingo hall,  Tonk Group redirected development toward electronic raffles.

Tonk has packaged and mobilized the raffle into a dynamic hardware and software service.  Today, Tonk Group, LLC offers the most competitive charitable gaming and distribution model available to nonprofits through “Community Raffles.”  Tonk Group, L.L.C.  holds several intellectual properties and licensing opportunities for fantasy sports, pari-mutuel, simulcast, E-sports and skill-based gaming models specifically driven to put charitable giving back into charitable gaming.   Tonk shares half of all its proceeds from veteran charity raffles with the Veterans Foundation of New Hampshire to support the Veterans Law Project Legal Boots on the Ground.