NH non-profits stand to benefit greatly from new modern Lucky 7 ticket dispensers now available and distributed by New Hampshire owned and operated Tonk Group.

New Hampshire loves gaming where about half the state’s residents participate in some form and many support charitable Bingos and popular Lucky 7 games.  Locally, a new opportunity is presenting itself, with a “better game” for NH charities.

The new Lucky 7 ticket dispensers distributed by Tonk Group offer players a distinctive experience with sight, sound, and entertainment players seek.  Manufactured by Diamond Game, a long-time supplier of gaming systems in North America since 1994, the modern Lucky 7 ticket dispenser features the “reel” display gamers love, multiple themes and a lot of winners with one of the highest payouts in the region.

Tonk Group’s mission is to provide more competitive gaming systems that offer a greater benefit to NH charities.   Higher payouts are better for players and organizations in the long-run.  Giving more back to the players is a genuine way of demonstrating a sincere appreciation for ongoing donor support.

Tonk Group and its partners are positioning in the marketplace to give back, and to give big.  Tonk Group members have spent years raising the bar for charitable service in our state by setting an example as volunteers.  Now they are setting out to raise the bar for charitable gaming as distributors.  The locally owned and operated New Hampshire family business may not have the only  Lucky 7 game in town, but works to bring a better one.  Tonk Group has already pledged a tremendous contribution from the partnership’s own proceeds to participating charities using the new modern Diamond Game Lucky 7 ticket dispensers.

Tonk delivers innovative game systems designed exclusively for New Hampshire markets by industry leader, Diamond Game.  Diamond Game’s Lucky 7 video dispensers are 100% approved by the NH Lottery Commission, Racing & Charitable Gaming Division (RCCG),  in compliance with state regulation, designed to both the letter and spirit of NH state law.    In New Hampshire, Tonk Group is the sole distributor for Diamond Game-an Innova Company that continuously develops “new and thrilling games with state of the art technology that provide players with an entertaining gaming experience.”

Diamond Game Lucky 7 ticket dispensers provided by Tonk are licensed and approved by the NH RCCG and differentiates further from out-of-state competitors who offer another nuance of the game with “print on the fly electronic pulltabe machines.”

To support locally owned, New Hampshire operated charitable game distributions, contact Tonk Group for Diamond Game Lucy 7 ticket dispensers and “get a better game” going for your charitable intiative.